Top-Quality Expanded Vermiculite from China's Leading Manufacturer

Hebei Glory Star Group, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of expanded vermiculite in China, is proud to offer its premium quality product to the market. Expanded vermiculite is a versatile mineral that is widely used in construction, horticulture, and industrial applications. Our company's vermiculite is made from raw ore, which is heated to high temperatures, causing it to expand into lightweight, fire-resistant, and insulating granules. Additionally, our expanded vermiculite is chemical-free, making it safe for use in food and pharmaceutical industries.
At Hebei Glory Star Group, we adhere to rigorous standards in production and quality control, ensuring that our customers receive a consistent, reliable, and safe product. Whether you need expanded vermiculite for insulation, soil improvement, or other applications, trust our factory to provide you with the best product and service. Contact us today to learn more about our expanded vermiculite and how it can benefit your business.
  • Expanded Vermiculite is a lightweight, odorless, and non-toxic mineral that is widely used for various commercial and industrial purposes. It is essentially a natural mineral that is heated through various processes to form expanded granules. These granules are widely used for insulation, concrete, gardening, and in the automotive industry. As an insulation material, Expanded Vermiculite is an excellent choice due to its lightweight and low thermal conductivity properties. It is used in the construction industry to insulate walls and roofs, and in the automotive industry to insulate the engine compartments of cars. In the gardening industry, Expanded Vermiculite is an essential component of potting mixes, as it improves soil aeration, water retention, and nutrient absorption. It also helps to prevent soil compaction, subsequently enhancing plant growth and yield. In the concrete industry, Expanded Vermiculite is used as a lightweight aggregate to create lightweight concrete that has excellent thermal insulation properties, making it ideal for construction projects in extreme weather conditions. Overall, Expanded Vermiculite is a versatile mineral that finds its usage across different industrial applications. It is a sustainable material that is mined from natural deposits and is non-toxic, making it eco-friendly.
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